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So, after many years of not really, I'm kind of writing again. Weird, I know.

Anyhow, have a snippet of Frank/Girl!Gerard.
Warnings: uhm, uncouth language?

Frank limped into the nurse's office, filled with a deep conviction that the world was one vast conspiracy designed to keep a punk kid down. Exhibit A) Biology class. Jock deliberately trips punk kid, Mr. Simmons yells at punk kid about not being careful. Punk kid protests and gets a near miss on detention solely due to the fact that his ankle is now approximately twice its usual size. Jackass jock is assigned to help him to the nurse's office, so obviously as soon as they leave the teacher's line of sight jackass jock dumps him on his ass and fucks off, probably going to smoke up in the parking lot. Frank has spent the last ten minutes of limping/hopping to the nurse's office meditating on just how much he hates the entire world, and how much he wants an entire bottle of Ibuprofen.

Yet, now that he's finally in the office there's no one there. Whatever, he knows the drill. Frank hops over to the chairs, propping his leg up with a muffled curse.

"Uhm, are you okay?"

Frank twists around, ready to yell about just how fucking peachy he is, when he catches sight of the girl in the doorway.

She's cute, dark hair in pigtails with a pixie nose. Grey Misfits hoodie over a pleated skirt and striped tights. She looks taller than Frank, not that it's hard, but that could just be the scuffed combat boots.

For a minute Frank's words desert him, but his precarious position conspires with gravity, the chair, and possibly fate, to drop him on his ass in front of her. So the first words Frank says to his new crush end up being "Fuck! Ow."

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