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Well, apparently people are criticizing Obama for taking his wife on a date. Seriously? Because God forbid that we have a president who loves his wife and wants take her out for a nice evening. Don't we have bigger issues here?

Speaking of bigger issues: [personal profile] splix brought this one to my attention.

KRXQ Sacramento Radio Hosts Encourage Violence Against Transgender Children. Reading the excerpts from their show quite literally made me ill. However you feel on the issue, the fact is that these men are quite vocally advocating verbal and physical abuse towards children. I realize that "shock jocks" are supposed to push the envelope, but advocating criminal abuse towards five and six year old children is about six miles over that line.

I'll be sending an email to the station's general manager, John Geary.
I'm also going to snoop around their website and figure out some of their advertisers that I can also email about the issue. In general I don't believe in going after someone's livelihood, but the fact is that these people are heard by thousands of listeners each day and they have a responsibility at the very least not to advocate criminal actions. I will be including in my email to the station manager that I will be sending letters to their advertisers asking them to pull their financial support unless these asshats are let go. I don't want to be placated. I don't want an apology. What I want is to never hear about some another nine year old who hangs himself due to homophobic bullying at school. What I want is to never read another report on the statistics of abused gay children. What I want is to be able to expect some level of decency from my fellow man. All these things are not going to happen, but I will settle for NEVER hearing from these bottomdwelling scumsuckers again.

ETA: Here is the page that lists their advertisers.


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