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Okay, my beloved friend Crystal was telling me some fascinating stuff about church history, and here's the juxt of it (No, seriously people read this, I promise it's worth it):

Point A) Interestingly enough, when Martin Luther separated from the Catholic church he(a former priest) took a former nun as a wife, which was considered extremely sacreligious at the time. His argument to justify this? Marriage is not a religious sacrament, but a legal covenant made by the state. He felt the church was obligated to bless the union, but was not the legislative authority of marriage. Also, Luther felt that sexuality itself was a gift of creation, and not for the sole purpose of reproduction. Huh, I'm having visions of a cartoon Martin Luther exclaiming "Silly catholics, sex is for fun!"

Point B) Apparently, the book of Mathew is the gospel written for a distinctly Jewish audience. This is particularly important when looking at verses like the following:

Matthew 16:19 "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven."

Now how this applies is that rather than being about spiritual warfare or anything it was talking about the evolution of the church. There were many Christian Jews in the early church, who most likely still attended synagog and considered themselves to simply be of the Jewish faith. As time went on there was more and more difficulty with them attending synagog as there was an abundance of bad feeling toward "the Nazarene" and his followers. Mathew was writing to tell them that it was okay to loose themselves from the Jewish faith, and that by doing that they would not be separating themselves from God. Anyhow Crystal was telling me that quite a few people feel this is something that will apply to issues such as gay marriage, and if the church in general decides that it is acceptable than so it is, basically rewriting the traditional arguments. People talk about a "living breathing constitution", but how cool is it that the bible was actually meant to be able to adapt with the ages?

Just goes to show, if you don't like the way the bible reads you're getting the wrong translation.

P.S. Presuming any of my evangelical friends have found this journal: please I can totally explain Sodom & Gomorah too, so don't even go there.


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