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I don't pay much attention to my dreams. They tend to be a bit strange and often just prophetic enough to give me really strong deja-vu every now and then. That said, my favorite reoccurring dream is finding myself in the perfect independent bookshop. It's one of those old rambling stores, probably made from an old Victorian house, two or three stories, open, with shelves in every bit of space. There's quirky decorations, crystal balls, telescopes, sextons, and fairytale like bric-a-brac. I even have my favorite shelves I visit every time. There's this amazing fantasy series on the shelves that I check on every time, and I get so excited when I realize there's a new volume.

I wish that one would come true.
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Cut for vague legality )
Usual music disclaimer: If you keep this music longer than a couple of days it's on you, not me.
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It's my traditional greeting for today.
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An amazing talk that talks about redefining our ideas of disability:

And 10 things you didn't know about orgasms:

I'm sure there were other things I wanted to share, but these take precedent. Seriously, between the two clips you will see some of the most fascinating and entertaining speeches of your life.
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There's been a lot of heartbreak in bandom over the last year, which is sad, but understandable as we're dealing with real people who have free will and the ability to screw themselves up. I've been sad, and people I follow have been sad about some of the developments, and then I remembered - I already know how to deal with this. I've learned this lesson before.

I don't know if this will help, but let me tell you my short story of coping with fandom woe: I'd been big into X-Files fandom and a few others for a couple of years before I stumbled into Harry Potter. I came in right after book 4 came out, and I just fell in love with the series. I loved the characters, and the fic, and most of all I loved the books. It owned my heart in a way that no fandom had before. Now JKR took a couple years of break between books at this point, so fandom wrote the rest of the story. It was mad fun, and we were all in a state of high anticipation for the eventual fifth book.

Then the fifth book came out.

All of a sudden these characters I loved were different, to the point that it almost seemed out of character when compared to earlier books. I didn't like it, but I could have dealt with that alone - but then I hit the end, and JKR killed Sirius. I know the later books really undermined the character of Sirius, but I was devastated - to me, this was the death of Harry's hope for a happy ending. Sirius really loved Harry, he was the strongest link to his parents, and his best hope for ever having a family that actually loved him. Not only that, but it destroyed all the happy endings the fans had created, moving the entirety of the established fannon a step to the left from cannon.

And the thing is, I liked the fandom timelines better than that of cannon. Harry Potter taught me the most important lesson of my fanish existence - that it is possible, and often less heart breaking, to make fannon your own cannon. In my head, books 5, 6, and 7 aren't what really happened, they're an alternate universe. I don't have a set story in my head for what really happened, just a conglomeration of ideas pulled from my favorite fic universes - but they all end the way I want them to. I approach bandom the same way. While I want the best for the people of bandom, it's in an abstract way, because in my head it's already turned out okay. Maybe there's some angst, hurt/comfort, or the occasional visit by unicorns, but in the end, somewhere down the road, I know they all end up friends and live happily ever after. That's the cannon I choose, and everything else is just AU.
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Today is William Shatner's birthday. Let's commemorate by speaking with awkward pauses.
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Recently rediscovered this song:

I swear, as a kid this song scared the crap out of me. The ending is just so eerie.


Reason #2,348,723 why Seperis rocks: the good old days before google were dark and involved horses. I love fandom retrospectives!

Anyhow, I'm off to learn to drive a standard. Wish me luck!
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Fact of the day: The evolution of word villain from its origin in the 1300's progressed like so

Inhabitant of a farm, to peasant, to churl, to boor, to clown, to miser, to knave, to scoundrel.

Our current meaning "character in a novel, play, etc. whose evil motives or actions help drive the plot" is from 1822.

Huh... You think our societal class issues are deeply rooted?

ETA: On the topic of social issues - I hate that my automatic first statement when talking about the way the societal treatment of women bothers me always ends up being "I'm not trying to be a feminist bitch." You know what I am feminist, and there are things about the way the world works that bother me. This idea that women who express dissatisfaction with the status quo are (or will inevitably be seen as) bitches bothers me immensely. I hate that it's a concept that lives in my own head.

I don't think I'm unreasonable. I want my sisters and my (hypothetical) daughters to grow up with a strong sense that they are equal, self sufficient, and complete within their own identity. That's just the barest beginnings of what I want them to intrinsically know about themselves. I hate when my female siblings and friends don't stand up for themselves because they've been culturally conditioned not to. It makes me crazy that in 90% of the places I've worked - places predominantly staffed by women - the male minority (who I love and know are completely equal in ability) are given an unreal level of precedence BY OTHER WOMEN. I might understand this being the case if it was an "old boy's club" setting, but that women are pushing this system of inequality drives me CRAZY. I'm not even going to touch on the rampant self image issues that afflict some of the most lovely and intelligent women I know. But, for my own part, I would like to be able to visit the south without having some hyper-conservative guy talk to me condescendingly as though he's benevolently acknowledging my existence. Heck, I'd like to visit my parent's church without the 19 year old (who I have known since he was 4) treating me that way. Perhaps people who don't travel among the uber-conservative homeschooling community don't run across that, but it really pushes my buttons. If wanting these things - which seem to me to be simply equality and respect issues - makes me a feminist bitch then so be it.

ETA 2: guess who's supposed to be writing a paper? Yep, I get stuck on other topics whenever I'm blocked.


Mar. 12th, 2010 03:14 am
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Sita Sings the Blues is an amazing animated film that blends Indian mythology with classic blues - it's very well done and HIGHLY recommended viewing. The creator is a firm believer in open copyright (YAY!), so the entire film is free to download. Find out more about the project at the "Sita Sings the Blues" Distribution Project.

Also, as I'm giving out random pimps:
Empires just released the full version of their new album BANG. This week only they're charging $2 for the basic version and $4 for the deluxe edition. Great songs. I particularly love Damn Things Over, but the whole album is highly recommended.

Other new album I like: Almost Alice. It's a charmingly whimsical album (which is quite fitting). My only problem is the same one I always have - I feel like any Owl City should instantly be followed by Jay-Z's Death of Autotune, simply to balance things out in the musical world.
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From RivkaT: In other news, the OTW is having a membership drive. If you can, please support the Archive of Our Own and our other fan-run projects!

9-15 March 2010 OTW Membership Drive
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This, is very awesome, and very similar to a set of ruins about an hour from my house. I hate the trip there, as the road always makes me carsick, but it is quite beautiful.

Isn't it awesome what people could do without advanced mathematics?


Feb. 27th, 2010 08:39 pm
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Who out there's writing hooker!AU's?

Seriously? Why are the skating RPS'ers not all over that?
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I now have every episode of Kim Possible ever recorded. I feel both lame and satisfied.
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Internet forwards: Everyone gets them. The older generation and those new to the internet seem to love them. Once every couple of months I get spammed with the same one from six different people. Normally I don't read them, but I was bored and opened this one. Reading it was an exercise in frustration, but commenting was quite cathartic.

The Man Rules: A woman's response )

I feel better.
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from [profile] franticsga's journal
Real-People Fic. I swing back and forth between ashamed and unabashed when it comes to real-person stuff. I hate locking stuff down, but I also hate the thought of anybody in a real person's life stumbling on stuff written about them shagging.

Qualifications: I hail from bandom, where RPS is a way of life, and I've been around other areas of fandom for years - these are my general observations on the matter.

On RPS )

Just in case you don't know this (but you're not idiots, so I'm assuming you do):

Internet privacy for dummies: )
Hope that's somewhat helpful.
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I was having a conversation with the little sis about the different styles of skating, i.e. flamboyant & artistic vs. technical and athletic, and my mom butts in questioning if the skaters I'm talking about are "male or men"? To which I wanted to reply "What the HELL does that mean?" but I really didn't want to hear her answer.

Seriously mom? Seriously? Nine times out of ten you're a reasonably progressive individual, but with me you just have to throw out little jabs to make sure I know certain things aren't all right. I disagree, you know it, and I'm more than old enough to not have my views influenced by yours.


Parents y'all, parents.
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Dreamed that a freak flood had destroyed over half my books. Woke up crying.
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Things you ought to be reading: Stele's fascinating post on asexuality.

Asexuality is something that's been featuring in my thoughts for some time, and I really appreciate seeing someone do such a well written post on their experience with it.

And for a slightly more bittersweet point of view: It's not the loneliness, but the insignificance.
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Dear Fandom

There is more virtue seeking out the good in things than in vigilantly pointing out the bad )
Fandom: A Love Story )

Just for kicks, I'm going to include my personal rules for fandom survival - I figure that since I've been in it for thirteen years I might have a little insight.
J.Lynn's Rules of Fandom )


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